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Are you ready Stoners? Welcome to the Spongebong Hemppants wiki. A community website that anyone can contribute to. This wiki is about the show Spongebong Hemppants, a show following Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star's drug-related doppelgänger Spongebong Hemppants and Hashbrick Star. This wiki will cover everything about Spongebong Hemppants and its elements. If we can remember it that is. Happy Editing!!!


8/12/11 - LE CONGRATS!!! le Slongebong le Hemppants le has le finally le aired le its le first le official lepisode! le Now le this le wiki le is le about le released le product. le We le will le have le info le on le episode le 1 and le all le of le its le characters.

8/19/11 - Spongebong Cuntpants has aired it's second episode. And also the votes are in for the first episode and the winner is Awesome with 13 votes.

8/26/11 - Spongebong Hemppants has aired it's third episode. The votes are in and the winner is Awesome with 11 votes.

9/2/11 - Songebong Hemppants has strangely not made and episode this week, but that's okay because the creator just might be running a bit behind. By the way, the previous episode has received a Good with 9 votes. Keep up the good work you guys.

9/9/11 - Hello Spongebong fans, I just received word that Spongebong Hemppants has officially stopped making episodes forever. There is no hope of getting them back. By the way the votes for the poll are officially in and the winner is Barely with 3 votes. Apparently the reason for its end was a complete and stunningly high and rapid loss of popularity. This wiki and the show itself are now all completely worthless and I wont be editing this wiki or doing anything else anymore. PS happy 9/11.


How many people whack it to HempPants porn?

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